About us


Welcome to the website of Somló Vad Kft.!

Our controlled hunting zone stretches over 4280 hectares and is located in the north-west of Veszprém county. Somló Vad Kft.’s hunting area is home to various species of games. The majority of the area is for big game, while the rest of the zone is home to small game in a terrain scattered with streams lined with alder woods, reeds and ditches.

The red stag and roe deer populations of our big games are of outstanding quality, and our guests have won several medallist trophies over the years hunting them. Our wild boar stock is considered high quality too. The small game in our hunting zone have shown signs of growth in recent years, especially pheasants and European hares.

For further information, you can reach us on the telephone numbers or email address listed in the Contacts section.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Somló Vad Kft. hunting zone!